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adviceWe understand that your version of an Ideal Life is unique to you. At AIP Wealth, we are committed to helping you find your unique vision of an ideal future. Our Financial Life Management approach assists you to understand the implications of each financial decision that you make.

→   Understand what money really means to you.
→   Chart and prioritise your financial life decisions.
→   Track your goals and identify changes to keep you on track.
→   Develop a Plan of Action to implement your financial strategies.
→   Ongoing guidance and reporting so that you always know where you stand.


Financial Life Management Process


Once we understand what’s important to you, we can focus on making your money work you. We develop an investment solution for you that is personalised, with a disciplined process to select, monitor and adjust your investments so your plan stays on track despite life’s ups and downs.

We believe there are more ways than one to invest to reach your goals, and what matters is how comfortable you feel about how you are investing. When you have the right portfolio for you, sticking to your investment plan is a lot easier. We tailor your investments to meet your individual goals, based on principles of capital preservation, transparency and communication taking a Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) approach.


Protecting what you’ve built is another crucial aspect of Financial Life Management. You’ve worked hard for what you have, and we will work with you to ensure you and your family enjoy the protection you deserve.  We can help you develop the financial protection appropriate for your personal needs including strategies for:
→  Income Protection Insurance
→  Life Insurance
→  Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
→  Trauma Insurance

In addition, we provide tailored advice in the area of Business Insurances, including:
→  Key Man Insurance
→  Business succession planning, and
→  Overheads and other business protection policies.

By understanding your overall financial and personal situation, we strive to implement an appropriate insurance strategy for you and your business.

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